• Joanne Mason

Hand-Drawn New England?

I come from a long line of accomplished needlewomen who for decades – and probably centuries – created quilts, embroidered samplers, knitted sweaters, baptism gowns, everyday clothing, and more. I’m never surprised to see “seamstress” noted on my ancestors’ census records.

I’ll be sharing more of their work from time to time, but today I’m intrigued by this piece I found in my parents’ attic. It doesn’t appear to be stamped embroidery, and looking at the shapes of Connecticut and Rhode Island, I wonder if it was hand-drawn. (I am impressed with the inclusion of the Cape Cod Canal!)

I also have no idea who created it, but my guess is a child, and probably my mother. I love its simplicity, its New England-ness, and the fact that the ominous whale looks ready to chomp down Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and the ship sailing out of Long Island Sound.

I just think it’s adorable.

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