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Plain and simple . . .
I help your readers
understand your content.

A middle-aged couple looks at a laptop. A man sits on the couch and a woman stands behind him.

The athlete researching foot pain they didn't have a week ago.

The caregiver considering skilled nursing facilities for their
loved one.

The English language learner navigating a new culture.

The association member looking for the latest meeting info.

For these readers and others, your content needs to be clear, accurate, accessible, and engaging.

I can help.


Drawing of a pencil on the screen of a computer monitor.  White image on a dark purple background.

Copy Editing

Drawing of printed pages with a check mark. White image on a dark purple background.


Drawing of a magnifying glass over a check mark. White drawing on a dark purple background.


Drawing of hands on a keyboard.  White image on a dark purple background.

Content Writing

About Me

I bring years of experience working with a wide variety of audiences to help you create content that's easy to read and relate to. 

  • Website content

  • Blog posts 

  • Newsletters

  • Marketing materials

  • Instructional materials

  • Infographics 

  • Member profiles

  • Webinar handouts & slide decks

Head shot of Joanne Mason.  She is wearing a blue cardigan and a white and blue shirt.  She has shoulder length gray hair. She is smiling and leaning against a lamp post outdoors.

Photo by Karoun Charkoudian

We may know what we want to say in each edition of our newsletter, but 
we don’t always know how to communicate those ideas and thoughts
effectively with our members.

Joanne consistently helps us do that with newsletters that are visually
appealing, readable, and appreciated by our members. 

We’ve been grateful that her work reflects the quality that we aim to
achieve in our society.  

- President, Nonprofit Organization


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