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The New Dot Blossoms!

Dorothy and Millard Huson sitting together.
Dorothy and Millard Huson

For several years, I wrote a blog I called Dot Blossoms, named after my great Aunt Dot, who was one of my family's original historians. I started that blog on her 100th birthday, January 1, 2016, with a first post titled "Happy Birthday, Dot!"

Five years later, I've decided to take the blog in a slightly different direction.

While the posts documented my own genealogical and family history discoveries and musings, they missed some of the greater context that might be of use to other researchers.

I've decided to give the site a new home and a fresh look. I hope you enjoy it!

Here's what I wrote back then:

It seems fitting that I launch this blog today, January 1, 2016.

One hundred years ago on this day, my Great-Aunt Dot - my grandmother's sister and this blog's namesake - was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. Sort of.

Why sort of? I'll let Dot herself tell the story. Here's what she wrote in a piece called "Times I Remember" in 1987:

I was born at home on January 2, 1916 with the help of a mid-wife named Dr. Seymour. Actually, I arrived at midnight on New Year's Day, but because my mother's sister Mildred Wood Johnson's birthday was January 1, my mother chose to let me have my own day. In those days, no one was watching the clock that closely, especially since it had been a hard birth because the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck. I was blue for several days.

Her sister Helen, my grandmother, was ten years older and had the honor of naming the family's new addition:

Helen named me after a comic strip character by the name of Dotty Jane. Of course, you know the name Jane has not gone 5 generations in our family."

(I laugh at the "of course, you know" comment. My mother once told me that my own middle name is supposed to be Jane by some family formula I could never figure out! )

But Dot's sharing of her name, her sister, and the story of her birth started me on the researching and sharing of stories and history - not just of my own family, but of the times and places in which they lived. Dot started her "Times I Remember" piece this way:

In writing this, I have endeavored to enlighten my readers to the times of my life, since the lives of young people today are very different and, as I see it, fast, and I sometimes think they are cheated out of the simple pleasures I knew.

I think Aunt Dot would have been the ultimate blogger. Now I hope to continue what she started.

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