Here are some samples of work I’ve done over the past few years. I’m happy to share additional samples upon request.

Please note that all health-related work was researched and written by me, then reviewed and approved by physicians before publication.

International Society for Sexual Medicine

Q & A for Patients

Sexual Health Q & A

Weekly Newsletters

ISSM Update 8/24/2012
ISSM Update 8/3/2012
ISSM Update 7/27/2012

Sexual Medicine Society of North America

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The International Battle for Sexual Health
New CDC Reports Shed Light on Teen Sexual Behavior

Professional Audience Announcements

Addressing Fertility and Sex Health Issues for Veterans
Taking a Look at BPH
Treating Patients of Different Cultures


Patient Education

Memory Problems
Down Syndrome
Raynaud’s Disease

Patient Information about Brain Cancer
Patient Information about Cervical Dysplasia

Field Notes

Field Notes was a quarterly publication for adult education practitioners in Massachusetts. In print for 10 years, it was published by the System for Adult Basic Education Support (SABES) and funded by the Massachusetts Department of Education. It ceased publication in 2009.

Learning Spanish, Teaching English: Transferable Insights

Boston Sunday Globe

The following essays were part of the Globe’s “View from the Cube” series, which offered perspectives on life in the workplace.

Bug remover, cleaners, and other assumed roles
Close quarters alter rules of polite discourse
Receptionists often receive people’s worst
Beloved Selectric typewriter leaves a legacy